Loss of hearing




A sudden loss of hearing may be caused by wax filling the ear canal. Inner ear damage can also cause sudden hearing loss. For a musician, rapid hearing loss is always a disaster and a good reason without any hesitation to consult an ear specialist.

Age-related hearing loss a.k.a. presbyacusis

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An example of age-related hearing loss at high frequencies (2,000Hz-8,000 Hz)

Our hearing starts to deteriorate as early as the age of 20. Age-related hearing loss mostly manifests itself at high frequencies. Age-related hearing loss is highly hereditary, and its progress can vary significantly between individuals. At retirement age, approximately every third person has suffered some degree of hearing loss, mostly as the result of ageing.

Noise-induced loss of hearing

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This hearing graph shows a typical loss of hearing in the 4,000 Hz range caused by noise damage.

Noise is loud and damaging sound. Loud music is noise as well. After age-related hearing loss, noise-induced loss of hearing is the second most common cause of hearing loss among the adult population. Permanent noise damage can be caused by long term exposure to noise or by very loud one-off noise. Noise exceeding 80dB can in long run damage hearing. The susceptibility to noise-induced hearing loss varies between individuals. Noise is like toxic build-up. When the ears are exposed to noise over a number of years, it will eventually lead to loss of hearing.