Competition or examination preparation - daily rhythm




When preparing for a competition, you will practice more intensively and total loading will get quite high. Heavy days during a standard period are volume days, but during a preparation period, they are power days. Towards the end of a preparation period, you should switch your daily rhythm from three to two practice peaks, so that you can keep tougher practice sessions sufficiently demanding while ensuring sufficient recovery time. Aim to time a reduction in your total practice strain to coincide with when you want to be on top form. You must still remember to keep every fourth week slightly lighter to ensure a sufficient supply of energy to your muscles.

The week before an important competition/examination/concert should be the lowest in terms of total loading. The last heavy practice session should generally be about 4–5 days before. After this, you should do recovery practice with suitable exercises to replenish energy reserves and sharpen your skills, the nature of which will depend on you and your instrument.

If you have to do several competition performances in a row, it’s vital to promote recovery by cooling down, and with muscle maintenance. Rest, replenishing energy reserves (nutrition) and basic exercises for your instrument are also crucial.

Total loading decreases (compared to a heavy week)