Keep yourself hydrated.

Drink water throughout the day.

Even a 1% level of dehydration will weaken your motor functions.

A 2 %level of dehydration will start to have a clear effect on your performance.

You only start feeling thirsty when your dehydration level reaches 2%!

Eating on a practice day

If you want to remain as alert as possible in the afternoon, try the following:

  • Eat only low-carb, high-protein foods for lunch, and preferably cold rather than hot meals.
  • Save high-carb foods for the evening. Remember vitamins and low cholesterol.


Eating on performance days

Eating on performance days

A balanced everyday diet is essential!!

Remember the healthy ‘food pyramid’ in your meals.

Have a main meal or snack every 3–4 hours, as this will keep your blood sugar stable and keep you alert. (Studies show that this is even more important for women.)

Eat normally on performance days as well.

The last meal you eat before performing can contain a lot of high-carb and some high-protein foods. Try to eat as little fat as possible.